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About GSTF

Our mission is to be a premier Centre of Excellence by offering a global forum for innovation, publication and collaboration at both regional and international levels through and by the effort of recognizing outstanding scholarly and professional contributions of both individuals and organizations.

GSTF focuses on the following:

• International Conferences/Workshops: GSTF provides a global intellectual platform for top notch academics and industry professionals to actively interact and share their groundbreaking research achievements. GSTF is dedicated to promoting research and development and offers an inter-disciplinary intellectual platform for leading scientists, researchers, academics and industry professionals across Asia Pacific to actively consult, network and collaborate with their counterparts across the globe.

As of now, GSTF is a proud partner  of 38 Universities around the globe. In addition, 63 other universities are partner organizations for the 40 annual academic conferences organized and administered by GSTF in the areas of ICT, Computer Science & Engineering, Bio Informatics, Social Science, Physical Science, Business, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Neurology and Veterinary Science. As part of this initiative, over 1000 academics and researchers constitute the various GSTF technical committees of the annual academic conferences from instituitons such as:

• The University of Oxford
• University of Cambridge
• Carnegie Mellon University
• Purdue University
• Northwestern University
• Princeton University
• University of California, Berkeley
• University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
• University of Southern California
• University of Texas
• Cornell University
• Tsinghua University
• The University of Melbourne
• Australian National University (ANU)
• The University of Sydney
• Indian Institute of Technology
(Kanpur, Roorkee, Bombay)
• Indian Institute of Management
(Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Kozhikode)
• National University of Singapore (NUS)
• Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
• Singapore Management University (SMU)
• IBM (Labs)
• HP (Labs)
• Apple
amongst several others.
  • Digital Library (DL): Our library of electronic documents covers a wide spectrum of research areas such as Computer Science, Information Systems, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Biological Sciences and Business. FREE unrestricted access for GSTF members, program committee members & partner university faculties.
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