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There are 17 names in this directory beginning with the letter W.
Assoc. Prof. Teri Woo
Pacific Lutheran University,U.S.A.
Asst. Prof. Nnenna Weathers
California State University Los Angeles,USA
Dr. Ai-Ling Wang
Tamkang University,Taipei
Dr. Chao-Huang Wei
Southern Taiwan University,Taiwan
Dr. Junhu Wang
Griffith University,Australia
Dr. Junhu Wang
Griffith University
Dr. Kang Woo Lee
Sungkyunkwan University,Korea
Dr. Marcus Welsh
Pacific University,USA
Dr. Pei-Ling Wang
National Chi Nan University,Taiwan
Dr. Sugeng Wahyudi
Kyushu University,Japan
Dr. Thisara Weerasuriya
Ayr University Hospital,UK
Dr. Ya-Ling Wu
National Pingtung University of Science & Technology,Taiwan
Dr. Yuhuan Wang
Mount Royal University
Mr. Bruce Woolley
University of Queensland,Australia
Mr. Defu Wu
Building and Construction Authority
Mrs. Elly Wardani
Syiah Kuala University
Ms. Beatrice Wegge
Ghent University,Belgium