Need more reasons to join the GSTF?
Here are 12 more:

1. Engagement
Enjoy the chance to directly engage many other like-minded professionals – practitioners and researchers – in various local Section and Chapter exchanges such as workshops and topic meetings.

2. Networking
Network with fellow practitioners and academics around the world – our online Global Community Member’s Area for networking, collaboration and exchange in ideas.

3. Access to Digital Library
Gain FREE unrestricted access to the use of GSTF Digital Library of an extensive wealth of electronic documents growing by the day covering a wide spectrum of areas such as Computer Science, Information Systems, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Biological Sciences and Business.

4. GSTF Certificate & Title
Issued a GSTF Certificate of Membership & entitled to the use of respective GSTF membership titles in stationery.

5. Invitational participation on Committees
May be invited to participate on GSTF Conference Committees of renowned professionals, to be Editor-in-Chief, Program Chair, or Keynote Speakers.

6. Discounts
Enjoy highly discounted rates for all:
– GSTF Conferences
– GSTF Journals
– Authorized training with GSTF content

7. Professional advice
Gain access to respective Board of Advisors in different technical disciplines and locales, either invited from HQ or locals trained and certified by HQ.

8. Updated news
Receive GSTF regular publications/e-newsletters on latest updates in the research field and industry on infocomm technology applications.

9. Certification
Pursue the various certifications in Cloud Computing – CCCA, CCCS & CCCP – the Global Certification Standard for ICT practitioner.

10. Professional development
Professional development and training offered by Authorized Training Providers around the world for continuing education and certification.

11. Common Body of Knowledge
Gain access to the compiled and updated evolving Cloud Computing Common Body of Knowledge (ICT CBOK) available online for members.

12. Industry reports
Enjoy free or discounted access to various IT industry reports available in Members’ Area.


GSTF Journal of Law and Social Sciences (JLSS) GSTF Journal of BioSciences (JBio) GSTF Journal on Computing (JoC)

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